JUST Jesuit University Support and Training (Ballymun)


Jesuits have lived and worked in the North Dublin suburb of Ballymun for more than thirty five years. Worldwide, they have been involved in 3rd. level education since they were founded in the 16th century.

Building upon the experience gathered from several decades of pastoral involvement in Ballymun, J.U.S.T. focuses on the specifically educational dimension of the area's present and future development.

The aim of the project is to encourage more people to enrol in University-level studies, and to offer the necessary personal and academic support to those who have decided to take this life-changing step. The main protagonists of J.U.S.T. are the students themselves.


The J.U.S.T. Team

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Background Documents

Relevant background documentation from Government and other agencies


Jesuit Policy on Safeguarding Children


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