JUST Jesuit University Support and Training (Ballymun)

About J.U.S.T.

Our Vision:

To contribute to increasing 3rd level educational opportunities for the people of Ballymun, helping them to realize their full potential in a real, tangible way.

Key Features

1. Providing educational programmes and support programmes to third-level students and prospective third-level students.

2. Collaborating with other local organizations in providing teaching resources and student-support resources physically based in Ballymun, which will serve the community of Ballymun and act as a model for similar initiatives in Ireland more generally.

3. Collaborating with other educational bodies in providing opportunities for access to third-level education through mutually supportive mechanisms and in a manner which complements existing services and resources.

4. Building on the work of local organisations engaged in education to identify potential participants in third-level education and support their educational and other needs prior to and during their participation in the project.

5. Promoting opportunities for the sharing of educational and other expertise in a resource efficient manner.

6. Enhancing the ability of all parties to address social disadvantage in higher education.

7. Promoting opportunities for joint research.

Our Values:

Strategic Goals: