JUST Jesuit University Support and Training (Ballymun)

2nd and 3rd Year

Support for Current Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students

Support is on a one-to one basis or in small peer groups.

- Regular contact (by phone or in person) with a member of the J.U.S.T. support team. The aim of this regular contact is to ensure that any difficulties can be resolved as soon as possible.

- Assessing progress (level of satisfaction with the course; level of academic performance; perceived difficulties and needs)

- Advanced writing skills (appropriate modes of expression for different disciplines; learning from examples; developing a personal style; expanding vocabulary; creative writing)

- Oral communication skills (organizing and presenting ideas; structuring an oral presentation; exploiting nervousness)

- Developing self-confidence (self-exploration; self-acceptance)

- Improving exam technique

- Self-assessment exercises (setting concrete goals for final weeks)

- Exploring employment opportunities (preparing a CV; where to submit a CV; relating work to study, etc.)

- Postgraduate opportunities (identifying the right programme and college; research or taught?; transition from undergraduate to postgraduate work)